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Adoption Office (631) 727-5731 ext. 1
Spay/Neuter Clinic (631) 727-5731 ext. 2
Adoption Office (631) 727-5731 ext. 1
Spay/Neuter Clinic (631) 727-5731 ext. 2

Snowball’s Place

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Cat Retirement Home

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What is Snowball’s Place?

Kent Animal Shelter’s retirement home for cats offers a tranquil residence for cats that survive their owners. The one-story spacious facility is located on the beautiful Peconic River. It offers reassurance to pet owners that their faithful lifelong companions will not be forgotten or abandoned to face an uncertain future.

"Snowball's Place," named after a favorite feline that lived in the retirement home until the age of 23 years, is staffed by caring, compassionate people and volunteers that visit on a regular basis to provide extra loving care and treats.

The residence is meticulously clean and comfortable with cageless habitats filled with toys, scratching posts, loveseats and shelves for sunning. A myriad of sleeping places abound with carpeted cubbies and an outdoor screened-in cattery with a direct water view.

snowball's place, a retirement home for cats

Can I visit the retirement home?

A visit to the retirement home is encouraged if you are considering establishing an agreement with Kent to provide for lifetime care of your cats should the need arise. One visit to Snowball's Place will convince even the most discerning cat owner that this residence offers complete peace of mind in knowing that your feline family member will live the remainder of their lives in a loving, comfortable atmosphere. Friends and/or relatives are welcome to visit during regularly scheduled hours.

How can I make arrangements?

During your visit, a retirement home representative will meet with you for a tour. Any questions that you have can be answered at that time. A retirement home agreement can be initiated as well. A provision in your will can be established with the help and guidance of your attorney. Appropriate wording can be suggested by Kent to ensure that your wishes are carried out. The attorney will then establish an irrevocable trust fund so that the funds are available when your pet enters the program.

Should I rely upon a friend or relative to care for my pet?

In many cases, friends or relatives are not available to take pets into their homes at a moment’s notice. Even with the best of intentions, a promise from a friend or relative today does not ensure that they will be able to guarantee a place in their home in the future for your pet as their life situations are always subject to change.

Fees and Conditions

Kent Animal Shelter’s fee for lifetime care for your cat is $15,000 per cat regardless of age. The pets are never destroyed unless they are suffering or terminally ill. Cats eight years of age or older are best suited for entry into the retirement home, however younger felines are accepted with a provision that they may be adopted to loving, permanent homes if the pet owner desires. All adopters are routinely screened and only the finest applicants are accepted. Kent believes every life is special and all animals deserve quality homes.
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